The USPS Employee Guide to Customer Satisfaction

In an evolving digital landscape, the USPS commits to transforming every customer interaction into a remarkable experience.

USPS is committed to transforming every customer interaction into a remarkable experience. Recognizing the dynamic needs of our era, USPS employee customer service are reshaping our operational framework to become more agile, efficient, and customer-centric. Our goal is simple yet ambitious: to elevate your experience with us, whether you’re an individual or a business.

Introducing the Consumer and Industry Affairs Department

I am thrilled to announce the formation of our new Consumer and Industry Affairs department, a milestone in our journey towards customer excellence. As the head of this department, my role transcends traditional boundaries – I am your voice within the Postal Service. My mission is to ensure that every service we offer meets, and exceeds, your expectations.

Transforming Touchpoints into Memorable Experiences

Our focus extends to every interaction point – from the friendly face at your local Post Office to the bustling mailrooms of major corporations. We’re investing in comprehensive changes to make these encounters not just satisfactory, but delightfully memorable.

Enhancing Accessibility and Efficiency

In our quest for excellence, we’re empowering our contact center teams with the tools and knowledge to provide swift and accurate responses to your inquiries. Moreover, we’re elevating customer advocacy within our organization. We scrutinize every product and service in development through the lens of customer value, testifying to our commitment to your needs.

USPS Employee Simplifying Your Journey

We’re streamlining processes for easier engagement with the United States Postal Service. Take, for instance, our popular Every Door Direct Mail™ service. This innovative tool eliminates the complexities of traditional mailing lists. With a few clicks, you can target specific areas, calculate postage, and even print necessary forms – a hassle-free approach to reaching your audience.

Cultivating a Responsive Culture

Our transformation centers around a culture of responsiveness, where I am dedicated to actively addressing and efficiently resolving any challenges, while reporting directly to the Deputy Postmaster General. My role is to bridge customer needs with our internal processes, ensuring that we hear and act upon your voice..

USPS Employee Commitment to You

Our journey towards customer-centric excellence is ongoing. We believe that creating positive experiences is not just an objective but a necessity for success in today’s business world.

Susan LaChance, Vice President of Consumer and Industry Affairs, U.S. Postal Service

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